Nightmare on Elmo’s Street might have a partial re-filming.

NIGHTMARE ON ELMO’s STREET (click)was released as a DVD. Fans asked for an HD version. Eventually, Bill Zebub launched a crowdfunder for a double feature which contained Nightmare on Elmo’s Street and HOLOCAUST CANNIBAL(click). This double feature Blu(e)ray was titled ABSURD HORROR. That is now out of print.

Many fans have requested that each movie be released as its own title. At first, Bill Zebub was shocked that people would pay for two movies rather than to have two for the price of one, but Bill Zebub saw firsthand that fans wanted DICKSHARK (click) to be its own item so that the movie can be proudly dispkayed in the home. (These fans did not want to get it as an anthology with other movies on the same disc).

As Bill Zebub pondered launching a Kickstarter for a Bluray of Nightmare on Elmo’s Street, he welcomed the idea of re-editing the movie a third time, but he also realized that some scenes can be re-filmed completely. This would be an extra treat for the type of viewer who relishes different versions. Bill Zebub is this way with music. He has up to four different versions of certain studio-recorded songs by Mercyful Fate, including demos, and he has up to a dozen live versions of each song.

Of course, there are some fans who stick to one cut only, but they are a minority in the fan base. If they are happy with just one version, they are still important people because they supported the movie when it first came out, and in some cases, their first-edition movie is worth hundreds of dollars now.

Every time that a movie is re-introduced after being out of print, Bill Zebub’s rule is that it must be re-edited. And these days, the digital/streaming version always MUST be censored. For this reason, the only way to get the full cut is to obtain it on physical media.

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