Exploitation Kickstarter Campaign

The Crowdfunding Campaign for “Exploitation” has Begun!

Enjoy the process of the new adventure.

You can  click here to view the kicksarter page


You can  click here to view the kicksarter page

Please spread the word

You can help a lot by spreading the word.  If you are on any of the social networking sites, write a blurb about this and copy/paste the kickkstarter page .  



DOCKNADO and THE EARLY SKITS OF BILL ZEBUB can now be ordered  from Bill Zebub, or you can wait to see him at horror conventions.  Email him at bill@billzebub.com.  These DVD’s are limited edition and hand numbered.  They are also selling for $20 out of respect to people who participated in the crowdfunders, and also because these will at least double in worth as soon as the final units are sold.

Exploitation – the new movie begins production

“Exploitation” is a comedy about the world of exploitation movies, which includes horror, fetish, and comedy genres.  

Bill Zebub had made comedies about movie-making in the past, namely “Assmonster” which is currently a bonus movie on “Worst Horror Movie Ever Made” (that is the name of the movie, not its ranking)  (as well as “Antfarm Dickhole“) and “Indie Director” (which is also a bonus on the Scienceless Fiction Bluray).

Bill Zebub does not want to market this as a comedy about the making of a movie.  It is much more than that. Ironically, this was to be shot in 2018, but Mel Heflin and Erica Leigh Boseski impressed Bill Zebub so much when they participated in “A Devil’s Wind” that he wanted to immediately re-hire them for a new project that focused on their incredible skills, so their characters were written for those particular actresses.  All other roles are as per the original script.

There will be a crowdfunder for this movie, which of course is not necessary for the making of the movie, but the added funds will boost some of the scenes.  All of the contributions will be used for the movie – Bill Zebub doesn’t use this money to buy cars, donuts, televisions, et cetera.  The crowdfunders are designed to give contributors real rewards.  Even if you just pre-purchase a movie, your movie will have limited artwork, or it might be a completely different edit if there is enough raised.  The crowdfunder will also be a way for you to obtain props from previous movies.  

Keep visiting this site for more information. If you want to be on an Email list so that you can be notified about the crowdfunder, please contact bill (at) billzebub (dot) come


Dicknado Screening Party in New Jersey

“Dicknado” is going to play in front of an audience in New Jersey on June 21.  If you can make it to norther New Hersey on that day, contact bill (at) bill zebub (dot) com for information.

Fans who participated in the crowdfunding for the movie get their special versions of the movie (almost 3 hours, with unique cover art) in 2-3 weeks.  After that, Bill Zebub will make the DVD available on this site, and he will brig it to horror conventions.  This version of the movie will not be sold in stores.  Retailers will get the 90-minute version named “A Devil’s Wind” – It is NOT an inferior edit.  It’s just different, and it’s more merciful to the wider distribution because most people can’t handle dialogue.  “A Devil’s Wind” will hit stores in October.


Dicknado Cast Members

Bill Zebub put together a 40-minute meet-the-cast featurette which intorduces you to some new faces in the BILL ZEBUB movie world.

DICKNADO” is not going to be available in shops because the title evokes too many ignorant reactions.  People are prejudiced due to porn parodies, which this is not.  Bill Zebub was ridiculing the pseudo science of American science fiction – the shape of the Dicknado is accidental.  The same shapes repeat in nature: a penis looks much like the head of a snake, or a kind of mushroom.  None of these things are the same except for the basic shape.  

Due to the brainwashing, the retail version of the movie is titled “A DEVIL’S WIND” and will be in stores and online by October.  

The two versions are different, not just in the length but also in footage.  Bill Zebub will try to use alternate performances and camera angles whenever possible.  “Dicknado” will appear in June, shipped to the ultra cool people who participated in the crowdfunding campaign for the movie.  Afterward, certain cast members will have units for sale, and Bill Zebub will also offer some, but his inventory will be chiefly for horror conventions.  The die-hard fans who funded the movie need to have bragging rights for a while before the rest of the world can catch a glimpse of this phenomenon.

But you can enjoy this meet-the-cast now.  

Dicknado Cast memners
Docknado Cast Members

Support Bill Zebub Productions

You can show the world that you support the director who most people hate, and at the same time you can offer some financial support to show that your participation is both mental and physical.

Enjoy wearing this to horror conventions and other film events for a beacon to others of the same tastes who will come to you for a chat, or be a soldier for the cause and wear this garment to places and events where Bill Zebub is banned.

Ladies can rejoice in the Baby T available by clicking HERE

and men (orw women who prefer the universal t-shirt stule) can click HERE for their choice.

Support Bill Zebub Productions
Support Bill Zebub Productions

Dickshark Shirts

This is the first run of DICKSHARK shirts  These are universal (men, women, and hermaphrodites)   If this process runs smoothly, ladies baby-t shirts will be added, as well as more designs.

Please select a SIZE before clicking “Buy”

It’s the field right above the BUY button.  Click on the tiny arrow.


Currently this is shipping inside America.  As this test tun advances, more options will be added.

If your browser doesn’t like the button, you can view the online store at bill-zebub-shirts.myshopify.com

The online store has more payment options.

Please Email bill@billzebubproductions.com with any opinions.

Also write if there are any problems.

The Dickshark mug

If Bill Zebub did not screw this up, you can actually get the first-ever “Dickshark” mug that features Lydia Lael riding the creature in its largestform.  no, that isn’t a photoshopped illusion or a C.G.I. capture – the prop was really that big!



Click HERE if you want to bring the Dickshark mug to your lips.

BRIELLE to star in “A Devil’s Wind”

Bill Zebub is pleased to announce that BRIELLE is to play the MELISSA character in “A Devil’s Wind.”  

When Bill Zebub held interviews for the roles, he was shocked that BRIELLE had many of the qualities of the MELISSA character.  “This was amazing because I wrote the character as an almost idealized woman – one who might not exist.”  Indeed.  Bill Zebub had to explain many of the concepts to other candidates, but BRIELLE was so knowledgeable and experienced that she finished many of Bill’s sentences.  no teaching or explanation was necessary.  

 Bill Zebub boasted, “This is why an interview is much more important than a traditional audition, especially for a project like this.  I wanted to assemble a cast of creative people who resonated with the story.  I didn’t want a person who was trying to grow a filming history for a resume.  Well, i never want that, but it was important to select the cast based on real personality traits.”

You get to see BRIELLE and other cast in an introductory video clip very soon.

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