Upcoming Bill Zebub Movies

Bill Zebub has been going over an immense amount of video footage from older movies, and he was surprised by the amount of material that would be interesting for a fan.

In the early days, video footage took up a lot of storage space, so Bill Zebub chose which clips were to be saved. The fat was trimmed, so the footage was either shots to be considered for the movies, or bloopers. All else was kept on the original miniDV tapes.

You might guess that there is a mockumentary in the works. It is tentatively called “Art or Sleaze?” This DVD will show behind-the-scenes footage primarily from the horror movies, but it will shed light on the comedies as well because the humor and nudity were so bold that some viewers were scared.

There will be a crowdfunder for it, so Email bill@billzebub.com to make sure that you get invited to participate. Announcements will surely be made on various sites as well.

The funders get uncensored, hand-numbered art, but there will be other goodies as well, like having your picture or name in the beginning credits.

Gina Lynn and Freddie Dingo

Assmonster and Antfarm Dickhole get new edits and will be upconverted to HD for the RIDICULOUS HORROR Bluray. (Both are out of print, but Human Antfarm is a re-edit of Antfarm Dickhole that is still sold). This much-ANT-ticipated ANT-thology is to be released this year.


Sicko is still being filmed and might be delayed until early 2021, but every effort is being made to get the movie released (Bluray) this year.

Rachel Crow
Rachel Crow

The SERIAL KILLER COLLECTION (click for pre-order) Bluray is just a hop, skip, and a jump away, but if you don’t engage in physical activity, you can order yours now.

Don’t forget to order one or all of Bill Zebub’s books, especially his first memoir (click here). He is writing his first fantasy novel, tentatively called “WAIL OF PITY” and should be available this year if he doesn’t die of the plague or some other misfortune.