The re-edit of Holocaust Cannibal

Bill Zebub is actively re-editing HOLOCAUST CANNIBAL which will be re-named “Die Nazi” and shall be presented in HD on the ABSURD HORROR DOUBLE FEATURE Bluray that is to be released in May.

As with other re-edits, Bill Zebub likes to select alternate performances and camera angles wherever possible.

The original movie was shot in 2012. The 2020 re-edit will reflect his style as it is now. “It’s fun to look at footage with a fresh attitude.

If you enjoyed the original cut then you might enjoy seeing the changes in the new edit.

The change in name also has to do with the idiocy of merchants and consumers. HOLOCAUST CANNIBAL very blatantly describes the movie as ANTI-nazi in the synopsis, but shallow people see the word “holocaust” and jump to stupid conclusion despite the photographs being silly. In fact, when the movie was initially announced, FYE made huge pre-order, but an executive saw the title on the list of upcoming releases and was triggered by the word, which resulted in him ordering the movie to be removed. Yes, that is how stupid some people are, and it has only become worse since 2012. People can’t be bothered with reading a synopsis or with perceiving a word in the actual context. Why are people rewarded for having shallow thinking while people who engage in active thinking are punished? (It is ironic that the chain carried seven movies with the word “holocaust” in the title, and some of them actually depicted nazis raping or abusing Jews, whereas in this movie, the only people who experience atrocities are the nazis).

The re-edit of Holocaust Cannibal