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Dicknado Cast Members

Bill Zebub put together a 40-minute meet-the-cast featurette which intorduces you to some new faces in the BILL ZEBUB movie world.

DICKNADO” is not going to be available in shops because the title evokes too many ignorant reactions.  People are prejudiced due to porn parodies, which this is not.  Bill Zebub was ridiculing the pseudo science of American science fiction – the shape of the Dicknado is accidental.  The same shapes repeat in nature: a penis looks much like the head of a snake, or a kind of mushroom.  None of these things are the same except for the basic shape.  

Due to the brainwashing, the retail version of the movie is titled “A DEVIL’S WIND” and will be in stores and online by October.  

The two versions are different, not just in the length but also in footage.  Bill Zebub will try to use alternate performances and camera angles whenever possible.  “Dicknado” will appear in June, shipped to the ultra cool people who participated in the crowdfunding campaign for the movie.  Afterward, certain cast members will have units for sale, and Bill Zebub will also offer some, but his inventory will be chiefly for horror conventions.  The die-hard fans who funded the movie need to have bragging rights for a while before the rest of the world can catch a glimpse of this phenomenon.

But you can enjoy this meet-the-cast now.  

Dicknado Cast memners
Docknado Cast Members

Dicknado is in Stage 2

Bill Zebub’s “Dicknado” has just entered the second stage of production.

Dicknado might seem vulgar, but that is not the intention.  Nor is it porn (Bill Zebub does not make porn).

The Dicknado appears to be a giant spinning penis descending from the clouds.    It is not a spoof of the “Sharknado” franchise.  This is its own story.  Bill Zebub specializes n absurdity.

The ida has been on hold because it is a difficult title to sell.  When Bill Zebub made ANTFARM DICKHOLE tt was only after he had a chat with his distributor and was assured that at least the independent stores would carry it.  Same thing with Dickshark.

But when Bill Zebub described the front cover of the movie showing a giant penis instead of a tornado, with the tagline “You don’t suck this dick – this dick sucks YOU.” the distributor expressed grave doubts about the sales.

Bill Zebub revels in the freedom that independent film affords him.  He cannot match the lush budgets of Hollywood movies, so he compensates by offering you subject matter that hollywood won’t touch.  Bill Zebub is only risking his own money, so he can fully explore his love of absurdity.

However, he does not want to bankrupt himself – that would disable his movie-making.  Bill Zebub will probably run a crowdfunding campaign for this movie.  Even if he doesn’t raise enough money to fund the movie, and even if shops won’t carry it, it is hoped that horror convention goers will support it.

This is a for-fun movie.  Bill Zebub had ventured into the ultra-weird the past two years and might have been too experimental for some viewers, so this is a chance to return to a comedy-based style that you will love, even if you hate it… if you know what i mean.