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BRIELLE to star in “A Devil’s Wind”

Bill Zebub is pleased to announce that BRIELLE is to play the MELISSA character in “A Devil’s Wind.”  

When Bill Zebub held interviews for the roles, he was shocked that BRIELLE had many of the qualities of the MELISSA character.  “This was amazing because I wrote the character as an almost idealized woman – one who might not exist.”  Indeed.  Bill Zebub had to explain many of the concepts to other candidates, but BRIELLE was so knowledgeable and experienced that she finished many of Bill’s sentences.  no teaching or explanation was necessary.  

 Bill Zebub boasted, “This is why an interview is much more important than a traditional audition, especially for a project like this.  I wanted to assemble a cast of creative people who resonated with the story.  I didn’t want a person who was trying to grow a filming history for a resume.  Well, i never want that, but it was important to select the cast based on real personality traits.”

You get to see BRIELLE and other cast in an introductory video clip very soon.