Quantum Leap of Faith is now Streaming

The movie titled “Jesus, the Daughter of god” is now streaming as “Quantum Leap of Faith” CLICK HERE QUANTUM LEAP OF FAITH

The DVD is out of print. There might be a re-edit of this movie for an upcoming Blu(e)ray called “THE GOSPEL OF SATAN” which would also include re-edits of JESUS, THE TOTAL DOCHEBAG, ZOMBIECHRIST, and JESUS CHRIST: SERIAL RAPIST, but for now, a sort of re-colorized version is available for streaming.

This was the first HD movie that Bill Zebub shot, and he was unfamiliar with many aspects of the new workflow, primarily the color-grading (the RAW footage looked dull and colorless, which is actually normal, but Bill Zebub did not know that, and he oversaturated much of the footage). Fans did not complain because they overlook such flaws as they enjoy the other aspects of Bill Zebub’s style, so be cautioned – do not watch this unless you are already a fan.