Bill Zebub

memoir of Exalted Deeds

Bill Zebub has published two books.  One is a memoir that focuses mainly on his magazine (The Grimoire of Exalted Deeds) but also recounts the craziness of his radio shows and his movies.  This memoir is titled Fanzine Editor, Radio Host, and Movie Maker.  The alternate title is MEMOIR OF EXALTED DEEDS.
The other book is a collection of his darkest poetry and short stories, titled WORDS OF SORROW.
Links are at the end of this cool message.  Bill Zebub is also working on a movie adaptation of the original script for RAPE IS A CIRCLE, and he is also going to publish a series of picture books.  The first book will feature various Grimoire Girls.  Respond the this Email if you want to be notified of those.
Here are the links – if you live in certain countries then you will be happy about the book being manufactured near you (it will save you money on shipping).  
If you are suffering due to lockdown, perhaps these books will help ease your bad time.  The books were finished during lockdown (with more to come) so this shows you that you can do more with your time than just languish…

Links for the Memoir:

AMERICA: Paperback Ribs-  digital
UK: Paperback digital
Germany paperback digital
France paperback digital
Spain paperback digital
Italy Paperback digital
NL – digital only
Japan paperback digital
Canada paperback digital
Mexico digital only
Australia digital only
India digital only
Brazil digital only

The WORDS OF SORROW can be purchased in similar locations.  Here are links for that as well:

America paperback  digital
UK paperback  digital
Germany paperback  digital
France paperback
Spain paperback digital
Italy paperback digital
Japan paperback digital
Brazil digital only
Canada paperback  digital
Mexico digital
Australia digital
India digital