Bill Zebub

How to get Bill zebub’s memoir

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This book has to be self-published because there is no way that a traditional publisher will take a chance on this. Not only is Bill Zebub’s humor despised by brainwashed people, but his favorite music also suffers from the prejudice of the mainstream. Wait. Bill Zebub’s humor is also despised by people who weren’t indoctrinated – they just don’t find him to be funny. But you get the point – there is no way that a publisher is going to find the antics of Bill Zebub worthy of a book deal.

As such, Bill Zebub writes this memoir in his own voice. It’s not an inside joke, however. Anyone can read this and be amused by the constant bad luck that plagues the unfortunate Bill Zebub. His friend constantly wonder why he hasn’t died yet. After you read this book, you will think the same thing.

Even if you don’t want to read a book about this buffoon, you might like some of the other prizes in the fundraiser. Unlike his peers, Bill Zebub does not see fans as dollar signs. He wants supporters to get something worthy of the contributions. His fans are a diverse group of free-thinking individuals, not stupid hero-worshipers who can be easily manipulated.

If you would like to help, please copy and paste the crowdfunding URL in social media, Emails, and anything else that you can think of. Here it is: Isn’t it cute?

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