“Fanzine Editor” movie begins production

Bill Zebub has begun filming “Fanzine Editor” which is a movie that spoofs his magazine empire. It’s not a meteoric rise because meteors fall – they don’t rise, and when they do, they become meteorites. Please launch a meteorite into space and then you can call it a meteoric rise.

This movie was going to be about the path of The Grimoire of Exalted Deeds, but Bill Zebub decided to write a memoir about that. This way, the movie is more about the flawed characters and the ridiculous mishaps rather than about a fanzine that turned into the #1 death metal magazine in the world.

Filming is currently slow and casual. The pace will increase in a couple of months after a crowdfunder, and it is likely that this will debut as a Bluray instead of a DVD.

Fanzine Editor