A Devil's Wind

Dicknado Screening Party in New Jersey

“Dicknado” is going to play in front of an audience in New Jersey on June 21.  If you can make it to norther New Hersey on that day, contact bill (at) bill zebub (dot) com for information.

Fans who participated in the crowdfunding for the movie get their special versions of the movie (almost 3 hours, with unique cover art) in 2-3 weeks.  After that, Bill Zebub will make the DVD available on this site, and he will brig it to horror conventions.  This version of the movie will not be sold in stores.  Retailers will get the 90-minute version named “A Devil’s Wind” – It is NOT an inferior edit.  It’s just different, and it’s more merciful to the wider distribution because most people can’t handle dialogue.  “A Devil’s Wind” will hit stores in October.