Black metal documentary

Many fine stores have announced a pre-order for Bill Zebub’s BLACK METAL: THE ULTIMATE DOCUMENTARY (click that green sexy text) , a Bluray that is about 6 hours long!

There might be a 3-hour version available for streaming, but that remains to be determined. It won’t be for at least a year, if it ever happens. This documentary should be enjoyed on physical media.

Bill Zebub is going to make his uncut versions available ONLY on physical media. Streaming/download versions will all be cut, and some will not be available at all because there is no way to sanitize them enough for that service. Artistic movies were revered, and now they are despised. Online content, you will sadly discover, must abide by norms rather than on artistic spirit (which often questions norms). Indeed, people must be told WHAT to think, instead of HOW to think. So the next time you decide to download or stream instead of supporting the physical media, you might get a watered-down version of what the creator had intended.

Back to the documentary – this is to be a huge amount of viewing fun. There is no sensationalism. There is also no consensus. Sixty bands give sixty different opinions. There are also bands outside of the genre because only socially-retarded people stick to one clique. Creativity expands borders and makes associations where none had existed before. Therefore, genre-purists are anti-art.

This is presented without any smoke, and 100% in the metal attitude. Drink beer, eat food for taste rather than nutrition, laugh at the sacred cows, get shocked by someone speaking to break facades. and urinate frequently while you enjoy something that invites you to come in as an equal.