Boogers of the Antichrist

Bill zebub’s spoof of occult horror

Bill Zebub is putting the finishing touches on a script that spoofs occult horror.

A few scenes have been shot for it even though the final draft is still being refined.

When more footage gets captured, a crowdfunder will be formed, lasting about 30 days, to raise more capital. This is not necessary for the making of the movie, but it will expand the resources that have been allocated for this bizarre project.

If you would like to be notified when the campaign starts, please be sexy when you Email – and you will be sent a link, a reminder, and the lasting impact of his immense sexiness.

As with all crowdfunding campaigns, you will get something of value (it’s not asking for a hand-out). This is the only way, aside from attending Bill Zebub’s horror convention appearances, that you can obtain props from previous movies, and other treasures.

Boogers of the Antichrist

Let not your nose be vacant. Inhale the vapors of inspiration.