Bill Zebub’s Movies Cure Covid

There are only a few hours left to get Bill Zebub’s MASSIVE memoir MOVIE MAKER AND MADMAN from the first batch. It’s 590 pages, loaded with photographs from the movie. Get it here before you lose your chance! Go Go Go!

You might also like to get SLEAZE OR ART which has lots of kooky behind the scenes shots from the earlier sex horrors.

HORROR ODYSSEY is getting a new front cover, so be sure to nab the first edition before it sells out

The SERIAL KILLER COLLECTION is a Blueray that features four erotic horror movies, not to be missed.

B MOVIE CHAMPION has tons of sexy behind the scenes from Bill Zebub’s early comedies

DUMB & DAHMER is offending people even though it was written while consulting with people who are of certain social strata. Yet another example of buffoons getting offended on behalf of other groups.

Lastly, the most pervy serial killer movie – SICKO THE BLOODCLOWN banned in many places. Before you buy, be aware that this is just the behavior of the sexual sadist – it’s not a narrative. If you are more story-oriented, invest in the SERIAL KILLER COLLECTION mentioned above.