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Bill Zebub’s memoir

Bill Zebub has written 60,000 words so far in what was supposed to be a book about his magazine, but he decided to name the book “Fanzine Editor, Movie Maker, and Radio Host” because the three realms affected each other in his development.

No, this is not a self-glorification. It is a memoir that should feel like a novel that is slapstick, if you can imagine such a thing. This should inspire you because Bill Zebub succeeded despite doing everything wrong and with such bad luck that it seemed that a god had cursed him. Humor sometimes has misfortune, and there is plenty of it here.

If you enjoy Bill Zebub’s work, then you will get a peek into the origins and why things turned out the way that they did.

If you have a memory of Bill Zebub, please describe it in an Email to – it’s not that he has a bad memory, it’s that he has so many accidents and embarrassing moments that it is hard to recall them all at any given moment. (You might just fall down the stairs once in your life, but he does it on a weekly basis – so there is no special encoding in his memory of the tragedies that constantly befall him).

Bill Zebub Books
Bill Zebub Books

Memoirs are usually written in the last phases of life, but if you have seen Bill Zebub wipe out, then you know that death is imminent.

The other reason for a memoir is because Bill Zebub is developing a script called “Fanzine Editor” – and he ended up with enough material to make several seasons of a television show. This is too much for a movie.

Bill Zebub
Bill Zebub

Bill Zebub discovered that if he wrote a book that contained what could not be in the movie, then he was free to make something close to a three-act structure (movie jargon – if you don’t know what it means, suffice it to say that it’s more like an average movie than the hyper-experimental stuff that you are accustomed to seeing in a Bill Zebub film).

This book will be followed by Bill Zebub’s tragic Medieval fantasy novel “A Wail of Pity” and a book of poems.