Bill Zebub’s first Slasher movie

Bill Zebub has been asking slasher fans for what they want in this sub-genre. He also sought opinions about the rules. The reason for this is because Bill Zebub wants to challenge himself, abiding by restrictions. It’s far more satisfying to set boundaries based on style rather than on censorship.

Speaking of censorship, there was going to be no nudity in the movie, or if there were nude scenes, then they wouldn’t be sexual. Video-on-demand merchants are terrified of sexual content.

Bill Zebub decided to let the story dictate whether or not there was to be nudity or sexual content. In his words, “Fuck the censors!”

The idea to refrain from sexuality was also considered because some viewers seem to be put off by that kind of material, but when Bill Zebub thought about this deeper, it occurred to him that only stupid people think that way. He doesn’t make movies for stupid people.

The movie is still in development, but fans have supported the crowdfunding for his memoir beyond what was asked, and an actress who was in the director’s area for a short time asked if there were any roles. Bill Zebub allotted some of the surplus contributions toward a day of filming. A proper campaign will be launched for the movie later, but for now, enjoy a picture of the first official cast member.