B Movie Champion Bill Zebub

This is your chance to not only get a limited-art version of the upcoming “B Movie Champion” collection of behind-the-scenes clips from the early offensive comedies, but you also can obtain props from movies, posters, rare DVDs, and an intense orgasm.

This is the place to get your valued items https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/billzebub/b-movie-champion

There was a lot of excitement for a behind-the-scenes collection of clips from Bill Zebub’s early erotic horror movies, so fans were asked it they would also enjoy a collection from the early offensive comedies. These movies also had appearances by Peter Steele (Type O Negative), Oderus Urungus (GWAR), George Corpsegrinder (Cannibal Corpse), TYR, Gina Lynn (porn star, but she did not have a porn scene) and other famous people, but Bill Zebub only cast them after he had made a name for himself (he did not want to become known only because he was working with other people who were known).

You get to see what it was like to film some of your favorite scenes, or if you are completely new, you get to see things that you would never have imagined. As a viewer of the movies, you have only seen the end-result. Sure, some of the charm of the movies is that you know that the cast members are having fun, but when you see that actual behavior before and after a shot, you will love the movies even more.

And NO – Bill Zebub does not talk people into doing things they don’t want to do. There are bad people out there who manipulate others, and to do things for free – and then they complain that they can’t get people to participate. Wow, (sarcasm). How surprising that you hoodwinked people to do something for free and then you had to constantly manipulate them to get the performance you wanted.

The reality of Bill Zebub movies is the opposite. People act in them because they are well-compensated, and in many cases, because they love the material. And here is something you do not know – for EVERY role, there are dozens, and sometimes HUNDREDS of people who want to be hired. It is NOT a rare thing for a model or actress to accept a role. It is the opposite. Only a few out of dozens decide that the role is not for them – but that is the lesson here – there is no manipulation. No one is ever “persuaded” to be in the movie. It is either an extremely enthusiastic “yes” or a “no thanks” – so even if you do not participate in this crowdfunder, please understand that the B Movie World is respectful of people, not predatory (with the exception of some directors you already know are assholes). When you see an actress getting raped by a giant spider, you can rest assured that she loved the role and that she was well paid for it. (In some cases, actresses beg to be cast – such is their love of the ridiculous nature).

This is a rather long announcement, so let me end with a final message. There are people in this world who are different from you. What you consider shocking or offensive may be extremely hilarious to other people, so let us part with you understanding that Bill Zebub does not make movies to anger people – he makes them to entertain those who love a certain flavor. You might like a hint of spice in your chicken sandwich, but Bill Zebub prefers the most scorching hot sauce – and so he is with his comedy. It’s not for everybody.

B Movie Champion Bill Zebub