Antfarm Dickhole and Assmonster

The movies ANTFARM DICKHOLE and ASSMONSTER have been out of print for a while. They were each at one time available as their own DVDs and were later combined with other movies, as well as together in the very last version of DVD.

Gina Lynn , Rocco Martone, and Violetta Stupetta

Bill Zebub constantly received requests from fans to make these available again. Fans learn the mistake of lending a Bill Zebub movie – it never gets returned.

Fans were told that HUMAN ANTFARM is an alternate cut of ANTFARM DICKHOLE and that some units are still available for purchase. (Amazon and other merchants still carry this) When the remaining units get sold, no more will be available.

Mike Nastri

Bill Zebub often uses crowdfunding to test the merits of a movie. Numbers don’t lie. He ran a campaign to see if fans would want completely new cuts of both movies in an upconverted form on Blu(s)ray. Both movies were shot on standard definition (DVD quality) so the HD version is artificial – it’s scaled up. Technology has come a long way since the old days when it was unthinkable to increase the size of an image.

By the way, Bill Zebub has an active crowdfunder for the movie SICKO. CLICK HERE to be transported and transvestite.

The die-hard fans convinced Bill Zebub to work on this project. They can smile with pride when they see this become available. It is only because of their participation that these movies will live again.

You owe these fans a thank you. The movies would have been dead otherwise.

Adam Kuligowski