Annette Misner

Annette Misener joins the cast of “Exploitation”

   Classically-trained violinist, Annette Misener has joined the cast of Bill Zebub’s comedy about the B Movie world, titled “Exploitation” – which is scheduled for a wide release in spring 2018.

   Annette plays the role of “Rebecca” who is character of many faces.  She had been in the director’s movies a long time ago, but she is called to consult about characters who are causing the director difficulty – he’s not calling her for an acting job.  She is happy to oblige, but there is much more to her than meets the eye. 

   Hopefully you will give Annette a warm welcome.  She is also to appear in Bill Zebub’s horror film “Don’t Drink the Milk” – and you get to see her play the violin.

Annette Misener
Annette Misener