Actor Jason Reaves has died

Jason Reaves, the best natural talent in Dallas, has died. He was in CLOWNA NOSTRA, and he recently finished filming for BOOGERS OF THE ANTICHRIST.

When Bill Zebub first arrived in Dallas and discovered a metal bar, Jason Reaves complimented his Mercyful Fate t-shirt. They talked for half an hour when suddenly, Jason asked, “Are you Bill Zebub?” Jason was a fan of the Grimoire of Exalted Deeds, Bill Zebub’s magazine.

Bill Zebub invited Jason Reaves to participate in a movie that possibly could be considered offensive. If Jason loved Bill Zebub’s magazine, which is deemed by many to be the most offensive metal periodical in history, then surely the same humor would interest him, and that is exactly what happened. Jason said yes almost before Bill Zebub finished the sentence.

It should be noted that CLOWNA NOSTRA was written to ridicule brainwashing and extreme views. It was not made just for the sake of shock. Also, Bill Zebub does not try to be offensive – rather, he tries to entertain people who find offensive humor to be entertaining. It’s not for mall people. Please bear this in mind. Jason did not participate in a movie just to upset people. He did it because he believed in the creativity and criticism.

The cast and Bill Zebub were astounded by how funny Jason Reaves was. Bill Zebub immediately regretted not having given Jason a huge role.

BOOGERS OF THE ANTICHRIST features Jason Reaves in a serious role, but he was going to begin filming a comedic role in FANZINE EDITOR in two weeks. He was also to play a villain in an upcoming slasher (Jason Reaves was one of the horror mentors who was teaching Bill Zebub about slashers and about the nuances of horror sub-genres). Jason was also going to compose the soundtrack for the movie (he had ordered a guitar synthesizer specifically for this reason).

Bill Zebub will include a tribute to Jason Reaves in BOOGERS OF THE ANTICHRIST. This was a cast member who was also a friend. He became both at the same time. He is irreplaceable.

Jason Reaves