Sid Haig

Fond Remembrance of Sid Haig

When I was at a horror conventions, fans asked me if I saw the picture that was on the convention website. They thought that I had something to do with it.
I didn’t know Caroline Williams at the time, but when I went over to thank her, she offered to sell DICKSHARK at conventions whenever she was to be a guest. This pic had 5,000 likes in an hour on her facebook, but her agent or manager talked her into taking it down, but she said that I can use it as I wish.
I usually refrain from posting about a celebrity’s death because people should say nice things when a person is alive. I know that when I die there will be people who never bought one of my movies or magazines or listened to my radio shows but will act as if they were supporters.
My nice words about Sid were spread when he lived. One of the first posts was about how cool he and Bill Mosely were at a horror convention. They walked around the dealer room before it opened and enjoyed seeing the wares. I remember setting up as I heard a loud laugh. It was Sid Haig. He laughed heartily at “Antfarm Dickhole” and called Bill Mosely over who also laughed and exclaimed, “Best in show.” I, of course, gave them both whichever movies amused them.
Since that time, Sid was always down-to-earth and friendly.
When I saw him a few months ago, he was so weak that I asked his handler if Sid had cancer. I was told that he was just old, but I felt the answer was to keep the public from knowing the private details. I, and several others, reluctantly said to each other that we will never see him again.

Sid Haig
Sid Haig