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EXPLOITATION (the 3+ Hour Cut) Has Shipped

If you didn’t know, Bill Zebub ran a crowdfunding campaign for his movie “Exploitation” but he didn’t do it specifically to finance the movie – after all, he already had allocated funds for it.  Rather, he wanted to give the “ultrafans” a special version of the movie, beyond being uncut.

The 3+ hour version has different performances.  You see, each shot in a movie was performed at least twice.  There were also different wordings used for some scenes, as well as different outcomes.

The RETAIL version comes out in September and is one hour and fifty one minutes long.  it should also be out in HD on video-demand-outlets.

if you want to get the limited 3+ hour version, Email – but please understand that the movie is $25 due to rarity, and it is out of respect for the fans who had supported the crowdfunder.  Although Bill Zebub appreciates your support, he cannot insult those who wasted no time to help him.  Also, the artwork is different from that of the crowdfunders.  Again, it is not a punishment.  Surely the value will increase over time.  Only 1,030 of the 3+ hour version were replicated (that means it was made in a factory, not on someone’s moldy computer).

The 3+ hour version will not be available in stores.

Jessica Ruffus
Jessica Ruffus

But if you can wait until September then you can obtain the 1:51 version through a variety of outlets.

Bear in mind that the limited EARLY SKITS OF BILL ZEBUB can only be purchased from Bill Zebub at this point .  There are no plans for that to be in stores.  Limited to 999 DVDs.

You can enjoy a scene here (this is about 6 minutes longer than the retail version)

And this is a scene from THE EARLY SKITS OF BILL ZEBUB