Jesus, the Total Docuhebag

Jesus, the Total Douchebag




Oderus Urungus, deceased singer of GWAR, played the role of “Satan” in the most blasphemous story ever told.  it’s the story of Jesus, but told in a new interpretation – an interpretation that will delight lovers of offensive comedy, and will be ignored by the rest of the world.

Jesus, the Total Docuhebag
Jesus, the Total Docuhebag


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What the Fuck?

Bill Zebub made a movie called “Jesus CHrist: Serial Rapist” which is a surreal movie about a schizophrenic who has the delusion of being the reincarnation of Jesus.  He sees reincarnations of the people who betrayed him, and they must pay.  Hence the tagline “First he nails you, then he NAILS you!”

That movie had nothing to do with Jesus, but christians began attacking it on amazon – giving it 1-out-of-5 and writing things like “Amazon should never allow a movie with a title like this to be sold!” They wrote over 100 such reviews.  Btu then came along the people who hated the stupidity of the christians, and they gave the movei 5-out-of5.  But neither group ever watched the fuckin’ movie!  

The christians successfully got the movie removed from amazon, despite please for reason.  Bill Zebub decided that he would make a movie criticizing.. no,wait.. INSULTING THE FUCK OUT OF christianity, and “Jesus, the Total Douchebag” is the result of that bile.  

Bill Zebub had not asked Dave Brockie (Oderus Urungus) to be in a movie prior to that because he wanted to prove himself first. Bill Zebub had to build his own audience first, so that the participation of Oderus Urungus was to be a collaboration of respect rather than Bill Zebub benefitting from the celebrity status.  The time was right, and Dave Brockie agreed enthusiastically – you can hear the relish in his voice as he shredded the beliefs of the bullies.

Bill Zebub decided to make the movie as flawed as he could while still making a viable product.  There were air conditioners, sneakers, and other modern items visible.  Why?  Bill Zebub was disgusted with Mel Gibson’s “Passion” – that movie made it seem like religious fiction was actual history,  “Bill Zebub’s  Jesus story was to look flawed so that people in no way would feel threatened by it.  If you like it, great, but if you hate it, you won’t feel bullied by it.  

This mature sense of fair play seems to have worked.  It si still available on amazon.


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