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BILL ZEBUB PRODUCTIONS is a movie company that delves into offensive comedy, erotic horror, sexploitation, and metal music, often combining styles in ways that anger purists.  Bill Zebub is not interested in just repeating a formula.  in fact, he often strays from the common three-act structure.  He also combines dialogue-heavy scenes with action sequences in which there is no dialogue whatsoever, and sometimes the action is in slow motion (another no-no, usually).  Bill Zebub also likes to combine high-brow with low-brow, philosophy and idiocy.

Bill Zebub usually does not hold a viewer’s hand, so-to-speak.  The viewer is required to think.  This of course has led to occasional misunderstanding, but there are enough people in the world who resonate with this material.

The people who appreciate Bill Zebub’s movies are diverse.  They range in age, education, appearance, and taste.  Some fans don’t like certain flavors while loving others.  (For example, a fan of the offensive humor may care nothing for the erotic horror, but the person will still profess great love for Bill Zebub Productions)

Bill Zebub, the Savior of Cinema

Bill Zebub started out by filming public stunts, sort of like JACKASS, but the focus was on the embarrassment of the actors who were behaving oddly in public.   Bill Zebub assembled these clips in VHS anthologies.  Eventually a scream queen met Bill and told him to consider making a feature (a movie over 70 minutes).  Bill Zebub purchased a book about screenwriting that was written by Syd Field and made wrote METALHEADS as his first practice-script.  He shot it on camcorder, but he paid the scream queens who participated because he considered this fee to be a sort of tuition for his learning.  At the time, Bill Zebub thought that he would have to hone his craft for five or more years before he would submit a movie for consideration by a distribution company, but he was offered a contract for METALHEADS.  The movie was later re-made on a prosumer camera, but the point is that there have always been people who could see through the flaws to find the gems.



The movies have distribution, so they can be found in shops.  Independently-owned stores, like EIEDE’s in Pittsburgh carry them, as well as bigger chains, like Newbury Comics and FYE/COCONUTS.  You cna also go into a big chain, like Best Buy and tell a clerk that you would like to order one (Best Buy doesn’t usually carry stock at the physical locations, but you can have a clerk order one for you, for free shipping to the store location)

Bill Zebub has a video-on-demand vimeo channel that has most of the movies, and some of them are in an extended version.  Enjoy a glance here https://vimeo.com/billzebub/vod_pages and begin your journey this way.  There are also numerous on-V.O.D. merchants and cable companies to look up.

Of course, you can also search for the titles on the Internet.  many of the biggest online merchants carry these movies, but you should support the smaller stores if you can.  They are vital to the indie world because they are the most supportive of underground artists.  If smaller shops disappear, the bigger stores will just carry the top hits.

contact bill@billzebubproductions.com

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