Santa Claus: Serial Rapist



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This is the DVD cover for "Santa Claus: Serial Rapist"
This is the DVD cover for “Santa Claus: Serial Rapist”


A woman who is researching alien abductions for a book receives increasing reports of nocturnal attackers who are described as resembling Santa Claus.  She enlists the aid of a scholar of mythology to see if the legend of Santa has a darker side, and what she discovers is more horrifying than she could never have expected.


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Santa Claus: Serial Rapist
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Some Characteristics

There are some dialogue-heavy scenes which are more like ancient Greek plays.  Modern movies that are focused on commercial success try to restrict dialogue to be plot-related or to provide easy-to-understand banter.  Wouldn’t it be nice to see scenes in which dialogue broke away from these confines?  This would make a movie less of a commercial product and more of an art form.  At least that is the hope.  And as an art form, it is best to leave the interpretation to you.

There is graphic female nudity in the movie, but there is also a criticism of why simple-minded people feel shame and condemnation when viewing the female form, and how we have learned nothing from the terrors of the Victorian Era, in which there was an unrealistic belief in what humans could be, instead of realizing what we really are, and finding worth in ourselves.   If you are the kind of person who looks at a scantily-clad woman and think “porn” then you are too immature and intellectually-stunted to watch Bill Zebub movies.  No.  These movies are for people who value and appreciate the female form.  (Also note that there is not just ONE type of woman in these movies.  Different faces, body types, and personalities show that there is no ideal to which anyone should aspire).

The final characteristic that should be mentioned is the departure from the three-act structure.  This is a common way of writing scripts.  Bill Zebub created a structure to suit the story.  Even if you don’t know what a three-act structure is, you probably can tell if a movie strays from it.  When Bill Zebub breaks rules, it’s not as a statement of superiority.  Rather, he revels in the freedom of independent cinema.



Please note that SANTA CLAUS: SERIAL RAPIST is a longer cut than SANTA CLAUS: A HORROR STORY.  There are some differences in shots as well – a few of the performances are different.  Neither should be considered superior – it is just a matter of your personal taste.

  • This DVD version has an hour of bloopers and out-takes.

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