Serial Killer double feature

Bill Zebub is offering a serial killer double feature on Bluray. He was going to launch a crowdfunder for it in February, but many fans have asked for shirts, back issues of magazines, and boxed sets, so a campaign is active now which will allow you to get specific goodies like these without needing to obtain the Bluray of disturbing horror.

Again, this is YOUR CHANCE TO GET A BOX OF 30 BILL ZEBUB MOVIES, shirts, past magazine issues, and other goodies, most of which will ship in December so that you can make your special people happy this gift-giving season.

This is a link for the campaign.

Have a look, and of course, please share. You might like a few items, and you can obtain each one individually. A box of 30 movies can be an affordable way to gift 30 people this holiday season, or you can get such a treasure for yourself.

You get something REAL while also helping another project by a kooky director. No handouts.