Nightmare on Elmo's Street

Nightmare on Elmo’s Street together with Holocaust Cannibal

Nightmare on Elmo’s Street and Holocaust Cannibal might appear on Bluray as re-edited versions.  This will depend on fan support.  Bill Zebub will run a crowdfunding campaign for advance copes, limited cover art, and various props from past movies in addition to other perks.  If you would like to be notified of this crowdfunder, Email to be put on the list.

As a special treat, Bill Zebub is offering a limited number of BD-Rs of the original cuts of both films (on one disc).  You can enjoy them in HD.  It’s just the disc (no packaging) but each one is hand-numbered and signed.

When Holocaust Cannibal was first released, a chain of stores pre-ordered a LOT, but an executive saw the word “holocaust” and panicked.  The synopsis of the movie makes it clear in the packaging that the only target of insults is the NAZIs, but the executive believed that if he made a mistake in comprehension, then consumers would too?  Really?  Well, even if people are that stupid, it’s easily corrected by READING THE FUCKIN’ DESCRIPTION ON THE BACK COVER!!!

The movie was yanked.  Ironically, the store carries seven titles that bear the word “holocaust” – this is what happens when an executive who has no understanding of movies interferes with the decisions of the acquisitions department for the chain.

Both movies on the BD-R, and the Bluray (if it gets made) feature the actress formerly known as Misty Mundae, who goes by the name “Erin Brown” in her current phase.

The two flicks go well together as a double feature because the feeling of absurdity is common to both even though the stories and environments are different.  If you have seen them and would like to voice your opinion about what might be good changes in the re-edits, feel free to Email Bill Zebub.  If you can’t tell from the actor interviews of cast members, he is open to suggestions and also to ridicule.  A joke is funny even if it is at his expense.

Nightmare on Elmo's Street
Nightmare on Elmo’s Street