The Lesser Evil

The Lesser Evil


Rachel Crow talks about THE LESSER EVIL



A woma, played by Rachel Crow,  is told that her daughter has been kidnapped, and if she doesn’t obey the abductor’s kinky instructions, then whatever is refused shall be carried out on the daughter.



This is one of the experimental erotic horror movies in which Bill Zebub removed everything except the nightmarish torment of the woman.  The intention is not to give you a story but to make you squirm.  Even a woman as sexy as Rachel Crow will not turn you on in this footage because of the way that her scenes are depicted.  your correct reaction if to be disturbed.  

Some movies use “suspense” – but that is an entertainment tool.  This is not meant to entertain.  Horror, in this movie, is not to be fun.  It is a descent into depravity – seeing someone abused.

This statement may be repeated in other descriptions of erotic horror by Bill Zebub, – when movies use normal rules of cinematography to depict rape, it has a chance of making the scene look cool, so-to-speak. Bill Zebub likes to keep the camera locked.  You have watched movies for so long that you have been trained to expect a cutaway, but the camera in this movie lingers, making the viewing even more jarring.  

The villain doesn’t switch up his routine because real-life predators don’t act that way.  They have their rituals, routines, inclinations.  They don’t stop fondling and move on to the next action simply to appease a bored viewer.  No.  You get a glimpse into hell.  


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The Lesser EVil
The Lesser EVil


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