Forgive Me

Forgive Me

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A priest takes advantage of the trust that women in his flock place in him.

Forgive Me
Forgive Me


This was the first movie that Bill Zebub made for an outside producer (Rough Pictures).  

The movie was well-received, but a gang of ignorant people waged a campaign against the movie without ever having seen it.  They kept warning merchants that this movie was about a priest raping little boys.  Although christian priests seem to have misunderstood what their savor meant when he said “I love children” – the priest in this movie does is not a homosexual pedophile.  He’s a horror villain.  let’s leave it at that, lest we spoil the plot.

Soon after the gang of idiots waged their battles, other imbeciles began a movement that pressured merchants to remove any moveis that featured sexual violence against women.  The assholes were tolerant of women getting murdered – there just couldn’t be any sexuality.  This is not to say that they should have attacked murder, torture, and other vile things that are even in Rated-PG movies – no, art should not be judged or ruled by people who are not artists, or who have no understanding of art.

Politically-engaged people are not interested in scientific method.  they have an agenda and that is all that matters.  Anything that contradicts the belief is ignored.

The subject is quite broad and could fill a book, so in the interest of brevity, suffice it to say that this movie, along with others of its ilk, suffered from the bullying.  Although the movie was perfectly legal, the bullies practiced the strategies of economic bullying. 

After five years, the rights to the movie reverted to Bill Zebub Productions, but rather than just re-releasing the movie under a safe name, the movie was completely re-edited.  Alternate performances were used whenever possible.   This should make fans of the old movie happy, but it also is a gesture of respect toward ROUGH PICTURES – that company is permitted to sell their remaining inventory.


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Forgive Me
Forgive Me

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