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Bill Zebub Black Friday

In case you are the type of person who is hopeful of a Bill Zebub deal, you may feel like a wish has been fulfilled.

Bill Zebub Black Friday

You remember the magical feeling of watching a Bill Zebub movie for the first time. Getting a box of 30 movies is good for giving your special people some unique gifts for a very good price. Whether you give thirty friends one movie each, or give two people five movies and keep the rest for yourself, this is your way to treat yourself, and some lucky people, to something that can change a life. Email bill@billbillzebub-com (If you had participated in any of Bill Zebub’s crowdfunders, you get $20 off your box).

Please note that Australia is currently not allowing outside mail.

A wide variety if shirts are also available – for only $20 (includes shipping) Email the might Bill Zebub for details. Below are some examples of shirts.

Crucified Santa T Shirt
Crucified Santa T Shirt

Grimoire of Exalted Deeds anthology

Bill Zebub has finally published a 200-page best-of anthology. It’s not a full tome of interviews because that would be 3,000 pages, but here is a good start with the most hilarious and informative interviews with bands like KING DIAMOND, DARK THRONE, MANOWAR, CANNIBAL CORPSE, DIO, and so on.

A flash drive of audio interviews can be ordered only through Bill Zebub, so Email him at

Read more about the book and where to order here (click while naked).

Vixen of Virtue Kickstarter is now live

Have a look at Bill Zebub’s new Kickstarter:

Click this and then share this ten billion times on social media, at least a thousand times a day.

If this Kickstarter gets to $6,000 then Bill Zebub will film the whole thing all over again as a feature length movie, and he will include the original short on the Blu(e)ray as well.

Help make it happen, and remember to brush your teeth.

Vixen of Virtue

Vixen of Virtue might soon be filmed

Bill Zebub might finish a short film called “Vixen of Virtue” over the next few weeks.

He will conduct a crowdfunding campaign throughout October. Fans will decide if the movie gets made.

Even though it is a short, it might end up being close to an hour. The Bluray will contain material that fans vote for, like an alternate cut of DIRTBAGS, which had a cameo by Peter Steele.

If you would like to be notified of the Kickstarter, Email bill@billbillzebub-com

B Movie Champion gets released in December

B Movie Champion gets released in December.

There has been a bit of a manufacturing slowdown this year. B MOVIE CHAMPION (CLICK) is getting released in December. Funders who backed the kickstarter should get theirs shipped by November.

You can watch two additional B MOVIE CHAMPION videos on vimeo. PART 8 (click) and Part 6 (click)

You can enjoy the censored PART 7 on youtube (click).

Funders of DUMB & DAHMER will get their early-bird Blurays shipped within three weeks. Other people may pre-order the November 9 release from various merchants, including amazon. This movie will also be available on iTunes.

Grimoire of Exalted Deeds

Bill Zebub is publishing the fan-favorites from his GRIMOIRE OF EXALTED DEEDS magazine.

If you care nothing for this, you can still get a box of movies. He is offering a 10-pack and a 30-pack for a limited time. Big discount. Each movie is autographed.

If you love the metal interviews, you can obtain a flash drive of audio interviews, including the legendary Seth Putnam and Malevolent Creation chats, as well as Manowar, King Diamond, Slymenstra Hymen, and others.

Visit here for details It’s time to separate the fans from the fakes.

More Grimoire Back Issues

Bill Zebub has unearthed a few more back issue of THE GRIMOIRE OF EXALTED DEEDS

Issue #19

Issue #20

Issue #23 – all glossy –

Issue #18

All will be autographed by Bill Zebub. Get them while they last.